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九月 9, 2009 / wychi

Set up VTune for profiling.

1. Prepare your application.

  • Get VTune 9.1.
  • You MUST build (interested) binaries with PDB. Suggest that all of your binaries should have PDB.

2. Clean up your old PDBs (You might need to do this often.)

image002 image004
Click menu, Configure->Options Delete all old PDBs.

3. Set up search path.

image006 The easiest way is to put your PDBs with your DLLs. VTune will associate them automatically.

The other way is to add symbol files search path for VTune.

VTune also support  symbol server. So you can add a path to your symbol server.

Ex: SRV*D:\Symbols\*\\tpe-wychi\SdkSymbol

4. Create VTune project

image008 image010
image012 Set path to your executable file.

Then click “Finish”.

5. Start profiling.

image014 After a profiling scenario is completed and app is closed, you will get this view.

Select target process and go Module view

image016 Double click the module to go deeper.

If you don’t find your modules here, put PDB to executing folder and try again.

image018 Double click the function to go “Source” view

If you don’t see function name here, please go step 6.

image020 Source view.

6. Check if module association is correct

image022 image024
Check if the binary file and symbol file is correct. If not, click “Edit” to re-associate it.


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