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八月 11, 2010 / wychi

[Android][G1] Unbrick your G1

Long story short, I almost got a brick G1 while flashing CyanogenMod ROM.

The solution I found to unbrick, “How To: Recover your G1 from a bring Bricked", require me enter “Recovery" mode. Which is what i can’t do.

My situation is that

I can’t enter “Recovery" mode by press HOME + POWER.

I can only enter “fastboot" by press CAMARA + POWER

After googling, finally, I got a clue by using fastboot.exe. (I forgot where I found the solution.)

solution is pretty simple.

1. connect my G1 with PC via USB.

2. wait for “fastboot usb" shown in G1.

3. enter command “fastboot boot recovery"

Boom! problem solved. I finally enter the “recovery" mode.



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