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十月 26, 2010 / wychi

[Python] quick survey of asynchronous frameworks

Asynchronous Servers in Python



  • Orbited / Twisted (callbacks)
  • Tornado (async)
  • Dieselweb (generator)
  • Eventlet (greenlet)
  • Concurrence (stackless)
  • Circuits (async)
  • Gevent (greenlet)
  • Cogen (generator)


  • Stackless Python is an enhanced version of the Python programming language.
  • greenlet is provided as a C extension module for the regular unmodified interpreter. (spin-off from Stackless)
  • Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python and licensed under the MIT license.
  • Generator, Python’s generator functions are almost coroutines — but not quite — in that they allow pausing execution to produce a value, but do not provide for values or exceptions to be passed in when execution resumes. Coroutines via Enhanced Generators



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